Blog #8 My First Baby Utensils


Hello moms and dads, today we are going to talk about the first porridge and the first solid food that we give our baby.


If your baby is more than 6 months old, she will have already started to manipulate everything and put it in her mouth.

This is the way that the baby has to explore the world that surrounds him, however we cannot stay in just that.

We also have to introduce the baby to a series of activities for her to experiment and develop her manual skills.

To think that for our baby to start eating by himself, the baby must have great precision to be able to take the spoon AND the fork correctly and thus be able to unload the food in his mouth.

This will require a lot of practice and above all a lot of patience.

As we have already said, teaching our baby to eat and drink alone is a learning like any other. Only that this requires more patience and especially many washing machines.

To begin with, we can let our baby play with his new utensils, the sooner he gets used to them, the sooner he will begin to put them in his mouth and find them as everyday objects, the best thing is that in this process we use spoons, plates and glasses made to his measure.

Like the ones I show you below:

All these products are designed for the baby, with a special material that does not harm your baby's health or mouth. This is important for example:

                                                          The spoon is soft and flexible.

This means that unlike conventional spoons, our baby's mouth is not damaged, since it will surely bite it with its gums and with the few teeth that have just come out.

These would be all the materials:

With this, the baby will learn to drink without a spout, as if it were the edge of a glass.


Let's look at how babies put their mouths when they are sucking on the breast or a bottle,
It's in the shape of an "O", RIGHT?

 When it comes time to use the glass, the shape should be modified a bit to make it a "U" shape. Here's the difficulty.


Note that the glass is made of unbreakable material, that even if your baby throws it to the ground or it falls. It will not break.

You see this, it is a valve that imitates the way of drinking as if it were that of a glass.

It is also non-spillable, so that our baby does not throw all the liquid over it and thus gain confidence when drinking.

Also note that it has ergonomic and non-slip handles, so that they greatly facilitate the baby's grip, in the same way I personally advise mixed colors and not the typical PINK OR BLUE, so that he drinks from an early age he knows that there is no distinction between sexes and train it with a more open mind.


Returning to the topic, it is always advisable to use the same place to eat and, if possible, in the same room in the house, and so little by little we create a habit, at first we will have to carry the spoon of food so that the baby can take it with him. to the mouth, it is best to start with yogurts or purees, foods that can be easy to put in the mouth with the spoon, little by little our baby will learn to do it alone without our help, the trick is to have a lot of PATIENCE and that he drinks have a good time at the time of learning, when he drinks and controls the spoon then we will start with the handling of the fork but that will be a more advanced stage.

Let's remember that nobody teaches us to become parents; and that our little ones are learning, so a lot of patience.

See you soon in a new blog and never forget, that we learn by playing.

xoxo AZ.