Chap. 20 Pardon

"I fell apart before your eyes, I touched the bottom and sank to the bottom"


But I hold on to the last bit of hope

And I have rescued myself with both hands.

In that dark place, the sky also shines

As I look into your eyes, I will say goodbye to you.


Laugh all you want while you can

Because it's almost your turn

You like it like that?

Now, look at you, now, look at me.

Karma comes and takes some

I feel bad but there is nothing I can do, I have already asked for forgiveness.

How are you? I came back

Don't you like me So tell me if you like it like that.


The day I fell without my wings

Those dark days when I was trapped

You should have finished me when you had the chance

Look at the sky, every time you miss me. Because it will be the only one you will get from me.




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