Chap. 19 EI GHT

So are you happy now?

Are you finally happy?

Well, I am NOT the same, I feel like I have lost everything.

Everything comes when you want and goes without saying goodbye, I learned that I no longer want to love something like that.

Exhausted as the sun went down and the light disappeared.

Travel through my memories, Under my light that protected me.

"We dance without making shadows

There are no farewells here ”

We will meet in those beautiful memories, forever young.

If this is like a nightmare, I just wanna wake up

O This has been the year I learned the most and sorry for the pain I could have caused.

P, But eternity is like a sandcastle, which can disappear at any moment.

P, It happens that the goodbyes are like an emergency message.

A  And the yearning comes the next morning, to want to be better.

After eternity, I made up my mind to be better and not make the same mistake.

Someday We will meet on that island of Peace and love.

As that person who comforted me in the past said:

"It is not easy to forget memories in a period of time

Even if time goes on

There is something holding you back ”



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