Chap. 17 Be Proud

"Never be ashamed of being who you are"


In a world full of hypocrisy, feel proud of who you are ...

Face your past trauma, don't hold back your emotions.

Even if you have to fall apart several times.

You will cry several times, it may not be easy.

"But you will be fine, I will be here for you"

Stop hiding, don't be afraid, you have to face your fears.

You may not look so strong right now, but I know you are.

Crying is not a sign of weakness, but of relief to grow.

In the end it will be beautiful; it will make an internal healing process for you.

“Because we have all survived great tragedies without giving up; but still being vulnerable and being in touch with your feelings.”

You're not alone.

Make peace with your tears and feel the true happiness, that nobody is perfect, and let go of that weight that prevents you from being happy and moving forward.

"There are times the memories that torment you the most, are also the ones that allow us to mature and get closer to others."








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