Chap. 16 Beautiful

"True beauty is measured by the greatness of your actions"

We need to be less superficial, and more natural in social actions, love with the heart and desire peace and love for our neighbor.

Beauty: perhaps we have always heard this word, but perhaps you are not as beautiful as you imagine.

"Beauty depends on the eyes that look at it"

The beauty of a person is how many times you have done a charity, respected and loved by people different from you, be it for their sex, skin color, social status, sexual preference or also for having visited a nursing home, visited a shelter of animals, has helped an elderly person to cross the street, or has made a friendship with a person with a disability.

That's right dear readers, perhaps we are not as beautiful as we think, that's why today in this blog I present my meaning of Beauty.

And they do not know the greatest satisfaction that being the most beautiful person in the world gives you when you do a good deed.

Throughout these years of altruism, I can consider myself the most beautiful person, and that is that the satisfaction you give to be able to help someone has no words.

"Human beings are losing our human quality"

Dont be sorry, dont be afraid and never feel superior to anyone, be humble, kind and never expect anything in return, believe me that life will see to it that you get what you need at the right time.


"Life is only lived once and believe me that having peace with yourself is the greatest degree of beauty you can have and that's when you know that you are doing things well" 


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