Chap. 9 So ...!?

Hello, dear readers, I am pleased that you are again in these rooms of Catharsis, it has been 2 weeks since the last time we read, and believe me, it has been 2 weeks of personal growth in this period ... of isolation ... SO! ... Have you taken advantage of it in a positive way?

“Someone somewhere is looking for exactly what you have to offer. Do not hesitate and always be you. ”

So… everything okay? Have you reflected a bit on your future projects, the next trip you will take? Or better yet, I am almost sure that you have read your favorite book that you had not had time to read, watch your favorite series and movies or you have simply spoken with that person you had forgotten.

Be that as it may, take advantage! this time to value, love and have more empathy starting with yourself and then with others, give yourself a dose of hugs and kisses, LOVE yourself! It sounds crazy but human beings are used to going out of their way for others even if it is not reciprocated and they often forget themselves, that's why LOVE yourself! And know yourself !! Before starting something new with another being, we had already discussed this in the previous blog.

"It hurt. Yes, it hurts a lot. But it will happen, and when it heals, you will shine brighter, you will fly higher and you will dream freer. You will understand that some stories end, so that better ones can begin ”

So… and for us who are alone, what applies? First you are not alone, I have not forgotten you calm, apply the same know yourself before meeting someone and if you already know yourself very well and that indicated person has not arrived, PATIENCE! That no one has died of love and you know very well that you do not need anything or anyone to BE HAPPY, your happiness is created by yourself.

Readers really take your time of introspection in these moments and that helps you in your personal growth. Disconnecting from networks and living in a different way in sync with nature is magical and rejuvenating.

“May your beautiful way of seeing life never die. May you always shine brighter than the sun. May that smile never fade. May you be very happy today and always. And please don't forget that you are worth a lot. ”

I love you and never forget how much they are worth & Be yourself

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