Chap. 8 "Be Yourself".

"We are destined to achieve our dreams, only if we are able to know ourselves, love each other, and have empathy towards others"

Dear Readers, a month has passed since the last time I wrote you a small blog, I have realized that you liked it and I am very happy about it, I have read each of your messages, full of motivation and thanks.

“Everything is connected. Your gifts, your circumstances, your purposes, your imperfections; your journey, your destination, everything is shaping you. Hug him."

Be yourself has been a way of expressing what has happened to me so that I can help others find themselves and remind them over and over that they are not alone and that there is always someone in the world who is willing to listen to you and help you.

Guys Be yourself is getting up every day and looking at yourself in the mirror every day and saying how beautiful I am, with your defects and virtues, because it is a lie that there are perfect beings and if you really want a perfect body; you must take letters in the matter, thus it is; that by magic you will not get what you want.

“Little by little I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be. I am growing mentally, physically and spiritually, every day. ”

Be yourself is not being afraid of your aggressor, yes; I know that you have also lived a toxic relationship, I know that you have been with the wrong person; But we are here to advise and support you, you are not alone and you can also turn to a professional. But most importantly, nothing and no one can cause you physical, emotional and psychological pain. Remember that things happen to us for something and each story leaves us with a new teaching that is in us; in which it is repeated again or NOT!

Be Yourself is to love you again and again, to really know yourself; Because before starting a new story with a person, you must have healed the wounds of the past and something very important to have enjoyed yourself over and over again, get to know yourself well.

Keep going as you are, you are doing well, you will see how proud you will be of you when you get it, little by little the doors will open, just trust.

And remember:

You already cried, you already suffered, you even got depressed. Now it's you 

again, live for you again and smile again.

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