Chap. 7 Red thread

"And out of nowhere everything returns to normal"

"If two people who are destined to have an emotional bond there is a 'red thread', which comes with them from birth."

Dear readers, it is so; again the illusion is born again, I believe again little by little ...
  Before starting I just wanted to thank you for all your support and your messages, all this has been possible thanks to you.

The thread exists regardless of the moment in their lives when people are going to get to know each other and cannot be broken in any case, although sometimes it may be more or less tense, but it is always a sign of the bond that exists between them.

It sounds crazy but it is one of the parts that excites me the most, but at the moment I am rebuilding my internal and external self to get the best out of the next person who enters my life.

“No estoy desesperada por ahora”

I still have a lot to know, you know that my favorite hobby is traveling, maybe on one of those trips we will find that red thread.

“An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The red thread can be stretched, contracted, or tangled, but never broken. ” The millennial oriental legend tries to shed a little light on the mystery of soulmates.

Dear Readers, I know that you have had difficult moments and that you have also been hurt or you have been hurt; But that does not matter now, take your time to heal wounds, and find yourself, no matter where and when only "Be Yourself" do not forget that we must first love ourselves before another person.
Never lose their essence and that illusion that makes them unique, I love them very much ... and we will continue to write new stories together.


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