Chap. 6 Pooh ♥

"Today was a difficult day," said Pooh.

"Difficult days are much easier when you know you have someone there for you."

Without a doubt, remembering is living again in this brief but beautiful post. We will remember this emblematic character and his group of friends who, during our childhood and until now, continue to make us live unique moments; That's right, I'm talking about the "stuffed cotton bear" and his group of friends that in the 100-acre forest make us vibrate and bring out our most tender side...

"Think, think, think" hits his head. (Too cute)

The first collection of stories about this character began in the 1914 book during World War I and based on a true story, Lieutenant and Veterinarian Colwarld was traveling on a train from Winnie Peg from his hometown to England in the middle of the road. they stopped at Withefribed a small town; at the train station a hunter was selling the offspring of a bear that he had killed for 20 Dollars, enchanted by the little osesna colwarld bought it and kept it as a pet for his platoon, named it winnie peg and called it by its nickname winnie After a few months looking after him, the lieutenant decided to leave Winnie at the London Zoo, where she was very well received and was the public's favorite animal and everyone loved her.

"... And I'll always be here for you, Pooh."

Christopher robin is also a real character and he was the son of Alan Alexander Mill, Christopher was a very happy boy who got along very well with animals, during winnie peg's time in the zoo this boy went every weekend to see the little bear, the 2 also took away that the guards let the boy pass to play with her, caress her and feed her. As a result of this relationship Alan Alexander wrote a Poem "The Bear Eduardo" about this extravagant friendship.

The full name of Winnie Pooh was the original idea of the young boy, since he had given that name to a teddy bear that his mother had given him after having seen the relationship that his son had with the zoo bear.

Alan Alexander had no idea to make a collection of stories about winnie pooh and was one more in the author's book of poems called "when we were very young."

In 1926 Alan Alexander Mill started the story saga based on his son's games with his stuffed animals, those stuffed toys exist and are like museum pieces.


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