Chap. 5 white - Blue

"Traveling Allows You, to Introspect Your Life"

"Argentina, it has been a long journey; but necessary to find the pieces of this puzzle, of this soul that has not been able to find itself and needs to be the same as before."

-I love to look out the window and observe the detail in the clouds, I love to disconnect from the world for hours, listening to that playlist that reminds me over and over again.

"It is human to make mistakes"

How nice it feels when it's better to go on and leave the past behind; if you want to heal wounds and move forward you must forget and learn from the past; you cannot move forward if you think about the past, the past is just that ... "past", if you made mistakes, learn from them and move on, because carrying your past hurts and there are situations and reasons which cannot be forgiven, because they need time and there is no better cure than time, focus all that energy on positive energy, and as I have said more than ever; words hurt more than blows.

"That is why I have located my energy on this journey."

“To forgive is to let go, in order to move forward”

How rich you are Argentina; The first impression of my visit was: is this South America? People look so different, here is Summer I am on the other side of the tropics, the time is different and the heat is awesome, I felt like I was arriving at the Cancun airport in Mexico. I have taken the Bus to get to the capital of Buenos Aires which is almost 45 minutes from the airport, it is almost midnight, however; along the way I have not stopped looking at the window and saying to myself:

"You have done it again, you have achieved another dream"

The first day does not start Very well, it has not stopped raining; nevertheless I want to go out to get wet, I want to feel the raindrops on my face again, I wish with all my strength that the drops that run down my cheeks, that this time be of happiness, during all these months it has not been easy to move forward. However; THANKS to the help of beings of light little by little you are achieving an internal catharsis ailimaf (family) Ogolocisp (Psychologist) and Sogima (friends), this trip I have come to do because if I want to advance, forget, learn and be myself from New.

- "Argentina, thank you for welcoming me with open arms, with your White-Blue sky my favorite colors that give me peace."

White -   Blue

The white color represents the opposite side of everything we associate with black, and people who wear white transmit an image of goodness, purity and innocence, since this color symbolizes peace, humility and love and the Blue color this color is freedom , loyalty, harmony, fidelity, seriousness and truth. The blue color is also associated with strength and authority, physical energy, intelligence and sports.

-I am so happy to be in this park in Buenos Aires, I have seen the grass is beautiful so green with that contrast of White-Blue sky, and you know there is a monument in the shape of a flower that I will have gradually according to the position of the sun, now I have the freedom to check my mobile, take the selfies that I want, take photos of myself, smile again; without fear.

"I own myself and my decision-making, I don't depend on anyone and I want to be like that for a good moment."

- "Dear Past Thank you for all the opportunities and learning, thank you for teaching me the worst way to grow as a person and helping me to know myself better so as not to hurt anyone else, thank you for this teaching".

-While I look towards the horizon I have dedicated myself to writing these lyrics with a lot of love, affection and forgiveness, because life is beautiful, because you are beautiful and because nothing and nobody on this blue planet is perfect.

Never forget how valuable you are and how much you must love yourself


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