Chap. 15 Prince

"And it is that Even they are broken, trying to be better"


-While we have grown up with the idea that Princes exist, and they are perfect, the time has come to know:

That they are princes full of defects, that it is a punishment for them that we believe that they do not suffer, that they cannot cry, that they try to be better ... day by day.

Who want to write a story with a princess, a Happy story.

- I know that you want to be the enchanted prince and that you want to be the perfect prince.

- He wants to be the eternal lover. Without any punishment

“Unfortunately as we have been hurt in the past, we do not give them the opportunity to let them in or worse yet we are not ready to show them the best of us.

And there when the time comes ... you hurt them. We hurt ourselves.

"If you kiss the toad and he becomes a prince, don't let him go; 

try it and don't be afraid to fall in love again ”

Maybe that story, if you work this time and you're going to make him the happiest man in the world.

-For all those cute hearts, those real princes who give everything, details, smiles, time, unconditional love, gentlemen and singles, Thank you ... and sorry for having hurt you, maybe we are not ready to be the princess you were looking for

"We wish that you can find the girl, that she values and can make you happy, a thousand times and that you never lose that essence of man that makes you a gentleman"

With the passage of time we forget the feelings of tenderness, kindness and our essence; my advice never stop being yourself, don't lose that essence that makes you unique, due to past mistakes or wounds, be smart, don't be disappointed in yourself or him, learn to do better, and don't keep hatred in that heart .


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