Chap. 14 Away.

The time comes when you want to be away from that person, away from what absorbs your energy, that you want to start from scratch.


"The important thing is that I love you and the rest does not matter, just be happy"


And you change...

I know that you have been building again little by little.

"Nobody is perfect"
"Nothing will do the same again"
But you have become stronger.

However, it is hard for you to trust again, they hurt you and you lost that trust, you don't trust again to open that box full of secrets and valuable feelings; Now, you prefer to keep it and take care of it as if it were your most precious treasure.

"We must learn that life is not hard, it only teaches us to be better people, and that we have to learn day by day"

Follow your feelings ... follow your steps to that unknown place ... go far ... go far ... do it! Love it! Love yourself!

Leave the ups and downs behind

I have no idea what my future will be like, just like you. Even I don't know.

Look around you and don't be impatient.

Love yourself and see that you are wonderful, and that it is not easy in a world like this; but I believe in you, let's keep growing together, and never forget you're not alone.

"Today I dedicate this blog to my family, friends and followers, who are my light and my inspiration, they are the most wonderful beings and I want to tell you, keep lighting more people" Thank you.

"Let us be more empathetic and nobler human beings. Thanks for being yourselves.




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