Chap. 13 Indifference

Can be heard in the background Джаро & Ханза - Королева танцпола

“You are well again when you accept, which is how it happened, that the best thing to let go is to receive the new. And that you are worth much more than what left "

And in your mind and body you don't do the same again ... maybe in the past you were different, confident, shy, innocent and you believed in fairy tales; but something happened, that you were never the same again.

"The mistakes of the past have made you stronger, Smart and Indifferent"


The adventures of one night no longer attract you, now you are more attentive to reading a book accompanied by a glass of wine or vice versa, perhaps you prefer now to go dancing and meet people, in both ways it is okay, you are living life as If you were the last night, you are enjoying, you are happy.

I can't stop thinking about each one of those memories of the past that have made me the person I am, now I no longer smile because of stupid things, I no longer cry for the past, I no longer dream as before, you forge character with the passage of time. weather; just be careful not to be too indifferent to the new person that enters your life, it is not the fault of your past hurts.

Doesn't it happen to you that when you look in the mirror? Something has changed, you stare at yourself wondering what happened? Maybe a little nostalgia can invade you ... then you regain consciousness and say: 

"Well, you're better now" you promise yourself that no one will ever hurt you again, and that the past is 100 meters underground.

Something change, something activated?


I can't get those images out of my head, that music that surrounds me, I just feel the Martini drops invading every part of my body ... it's an ecstasy that I don't want to end, I just close my eyes and let myself go, the time has come to enjoy that catharsis of emotions.

Maybe ... Today I'm just going to tell you live your ecstasy to the fullest with yourself before with someone else.


Someday it will come ... the person who clicks again ... Someday ...


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