Chap. 12 Kawaii

de fondo…Se escucha “chocolate” 1975

Me encanta sacarle la lengua al mundo y a la vida.

"Let them judge you. Let them talk about you. What they think or believe is their problem. Still be kind, believe in love, be authentic. No matter what others say, don't you dare doubt what you're worth. Keep shining like you do every day. ”

From now on, propose no more sadness or bad days, we already spoke in the previous chapter that you must shine, today more than ever. Show your most cute and sincere side ... the new people who come into your life must see in you that essence of innocence and difference that makes you better ... It is beautiful to breathe deeply from my balcony, I love this fresh air ... I love the landscapes ... the bright green ... it is already spring ... Woooow that madness that invades my body, I am eager to meet new people, few have the opportunity to know the best of me. Remember to never judge a book by its cover.

"Those who turn away from you, leave them. They need to meet. "

It usually happens that when you are authentic, different, yourself, some beings usually move away, be calm is the best thing that can happen to you, remember that everyone has a mission in our lives, to teach us, hurt us, heal us, be stronger, live good and Bad times; But everything happens for something and you must take that teaching and move on. Never lose that innocence that makes you so original and special.

You know I love being myself, I laughed, I enjoyed, I cried; LIVE!!! We go to the thousand per hour living the adrenaline of life, there is no better story than yours… We are going to live it like never before and if we have to modify something we can do it.

“Amo a las Personas que aunque no saben qué hacer cuando me rompo, se quedan a mi lado y en sus ojos puedo ver su deseo de salvarme .Para mí, eso es más que suficiente”

Keep smiling as you have been up to now, you are doing very well… it radiates that positive energy that this world needs so much.

Innocence: few have this so beautiful…. See you soon…
Keep shining & be yourself.

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