Chap. 11 Sunshine

-heard in the background (the 1975 - somebody else)

Hello, I like your new ME.
We are going to live this new adventure together, and I promise you it will be better than the last one.

"You're shining brighter than ever, and that's pretty cool."

We have moved the furniture in the room, a feng-shui style with a color palette on a scale of whites and pastels, the room that gives you peace, you should try remember that your space will be proportional to your mood.
It is incredible how it is that we arrive so quickly to the month of April, have I told you that I love the rays of the sun? They emanate to pierce my curtains, it is beautiful in the morning.

“It is no coincidence when life insists on crossing paths with some people again. Maybe there is something left to say, to forgive, to learn, to feel, to live. ”

I love to smile again, not worry about the vague things of the past that are gone; I have left a great teaching, I wish that you also smile and that your SUNSHINE reaches all those around you and manages to see the best version of you, we are growing together, I have no words to describe the catharsis of emotions, that I am living and I want you live them too, imagine that you are on a roller coaster in the middle of the night and you can see the stars and the moon with that glow that makes you say: Thank you.

“Do not regret being a good person with the wrong people. Your actions say everything about you, and their actions say everything about them. "

Enjoy a night with candles or dim lights in your home, put that song that brings you magical memories, dream, live, smile, be free, Be yourself; do not be afraid, do not be sorry, do not live from the criticism of others, be happy; Life is a Russian roulette of ups and downs, it will depend on you how happy you want it to be. I want you to live your life today as if it were the last time.

I am so happy, and I want you to be too; And if you are not right now, remember that soon you will shine like never before.
Your happiness depends on yourself.
I love.

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