Chap. 10 40tena

Hello! Guys, how are you? I hope they are well, quite well; While I listen to Powfu - death bed (coffee for your head) in the background, we are going to enjoy this quarantine time.

"Hopefully life will lead you to find someone who finally deserves all that love you have inside."

Life or the cosmos has something powerful that it wants to tell us, maybe there were days when we were able to fall asleep, or some memory invaded your mind letting out a little sadness or pain, maybe this time is helping you to know yourself better

"Love yourself and never go back to the same place that made you feel insecure, sad, upset, unloved. Believe me, you don't belong there."

You do not know what is happening with you, but what you do know is that with each passing day you are getting to know yourself better, that is the best, and is to get the most out of this quarantine, dare to go out on your terrace and finish that book that you started And you never finished, drink that cup of tea or coffee that you like, listen to your favorite music and do crazy things with it: dance, sing, scream ... do what makes you feel without pain, being yourself.

Reflect and give thanks to life for the positive things that you have around you, do an introspection to be a better human being, love, have empathy and be yourself.

Dare to forgive those who hurt you in the past; without returning to it.

"Every day I feel like a better person, I love going out on my balcony and breathing the air, maybe something has changed in it ... have you noticed?"

"I love waking up in the morning and that the rays of sunlight invade my window, it is to listen to the singing of the birds that relaxes me and makes my day brighter ... I feel better, I feel happy"

I encourage you, this time of isolation make you know yourself better, love and respect you. Why before you meet someone, you should know yourself first.

"Yes, I forgive you; I stopped talking to you, because your words hurt me more than I could bear and all the good things you did, it went to waste in Moment 1 that you hurt me ” 

I love you and see you in the next blog.

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