Alexis Zozaya & #YesStyle

Alexis Zozaya  & YesStyle

Hi guys, I hope this quarantine is pretty good!

 "Today we are going to renew ourselves and the calm comes after the hurricane."

Next I am going to reveal a little secret.

You are one of the people who have been disappointed in various products that do not cause any change in your skin, perhaps you love Asian culture or even better the Korean products.

I have been a FAN for several years! Of Asian products, its culture, its series, its music (K pok) and its products.

And it is that Korean Cosmetics has established itself as one of the best, with environmentally friendly products, with safe and real effects on those who use them. Today we will talk about in which I will tell you about their fascinating discounts. Currently, as of 2020, they have 60% and 80% in all the products of the best Korean brands.

After having used several brands in the American market; if those that announce on television that they do not cause you any change, and then you feel disappointed and cheated.

Today I will tell you about my experience with 3 Tips on Products that I use for several years and that work wonderfully.

"Enjoy your Physical Beauty and nurture your inner beauty day by day that this will accompany you all your life"


This fabulous sunscreen unlike others, it has a pleasant and neutral aroma, its texture is really wonderful when applied to the face, it creates a layer when you apply it and it is as if you had not applied sunscreen, it does not leave your face white or lighter than Normally, it adapts correctly to your skin tone giving an effect of makeup or light mask, your face looks radiant and protected, without giving the impression of being greasy. I love


"Even under the most intense sun you will have nothing to worry about with this cream, which in addition to blocking UVA and UVB rays will hydrate dry skin."

Protect your skin from sunlight with natural ingredients. Hydrate your skin with aloe, which is highly moisturizing, refreshing, and soothing. Aloe has been used to hydrate for over 4,000 years and is a powerful anti-aging ingredient. Cleopatra was a fan;) When your skin is exposed to sunlight it can easily become dehydrated as moisture evaporates. This cream will help you prevent any dehydration.


* Apply your sunscreen as a final step of your day routine. Reapply every three hours to stay protected all day.

# 2 Magic Cushion COVER (MISSHA - Magic Cushion COVER MAKE UP)

One of my favorite and Make UP Star brands, really as its name says it is MAGICAL!

Literally your imperfections will be covered to perfection, giving your face that image of a Korean KAWAII lolita girl, it is amazing, when you perspire the make up does not run, it looks so natural and professional, I love it. Just pay attention to the color you are going to choose because the Korean make up colors are usually too light for certain skin types, I advise Beige.

Another one of Missha's star products! A cushion format foundation that offers you perfect coverage. You will be hydrated and protected from the sun (SPF 50 PA +++) throughout the day. Its formula absorbs sebum and sweat. It contains bamboo water that will keep your skin hydrated and comfortable with itself. You can re-apply during the day several times and it is ideal to carry in the bag thanks to its compact size. Tone No. 23


Oh lala! Another one of my favorite products, and is that what they know me they know that I love pastel and tender colors, the Kawaii style and daring they go super well, but this product has something magical like all Korean products, after applying your lips it They will look more daring and bulky, but after a few hours of drinking or eating, guess what! The color is still there on your lips as if nothing had happened, apart from the quality and the pocket style, it makes you live up to Korea.


I hope you can use these 3 Basic tips in your day to day and remember to drink 2 liters of water a day.

"With or without Makeup you are beautiful or beautiful, just be yourself, love and respect others and never lose that essence that makes you unique"

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