"The End of Everything" Part.2

"Words often hurt more than blows"

I feel like I don't feel anything, well yes; Much pain and sadness: we have read each of your messages, each of your stories created in your mind, and it is incredible how much imagination a being as unnameable as you can have, remember?

I suppose at this point you have already lost your memory ... because you still keep sending me messages, but; in these, they are no longer hate messages ... right?, what a hypocrite !, now your messages are forgiving and very eager to see me, like this and you also write to me that I pass the greeting to my family "family".

  With what face do you dare to write to me after the damage I have caused to myself and to the most precious beings of my life?

"If you already forgot, I will remember you"

I made a list of a little of how much you told me:

-You accused me of a Crime that I did not commit, and for my dear readers, they remember the part where the unmentionable gives me 2 gifts an IPhone and a Laptop, well he had the courage to accuse me of "THEFT" of gifts that he gave me . Did you think I had forgotten? No! I will never forget it.

- "You are still in Europe".

That's right, another mistake I made ... was not having canceled my Telephone Line and Bank Account because from there you started making stories telling yourself that I was still close to you; and it is that you forget that I have all the Right and the freedom to be in a place that pleases me; But it is something you would not understand, your macho and Arab culture does not allow you to see it! And there were endless messages that repeated it over and over again; I explained a thousand times and
I had to resort to my best "agima" (Amiga) to write you a "welcome" and positive letter to explain every detail; But it does not work.

I never imagined that this small error caused a whole drama; I never thought that not canceling my Telephone Line and Bank Account in time would be an ordeal; At that moment I reacted and I did it, I gave myself the task of canceling them and without need I sent you the screenshots and you didn't believe me either.

- "Words hurt more than blows" in each fantasy story that came out of your mind I listened to your high-sounding words and your foul language, to which I was already accustomed; It was not so surprising, since you used it with the beings in your environment, but you never imagine that a person who said they loved you used it with you.
You didn't download me from "P * t @" , for you the "SexFriends" were all the boys to whom I had contact or not; without caring if they were known or just contacts, that and many banal and meaningless stories that are honestly not worth repeating again.

What a hipocrite! Because after treating me like a  "p * t @" you have the cynicism that I tell my family (family) that I pass their greetings to you.

And it is here where another being of Light and the most difficult to pronounce enters history 3 months later.

"Ogolocisp" my Psychologist,

- I have risen without spirit of anything with that fear of opening my social networks that for that time have been closed for months, and the first thing that occurs to me is to reactivate Facebook, I see a simple message on my timeline of that being of light that said: “You are not alone” followed by his contact number and it is there that I decide to contact him; but that goes! It is 7 o'clock too early to schedule an appointment so I had to wait for the right time, for that long-awaited contact.

"I have contacted him, that is already taking a big step"

-I contacted him and wrote him "almost crying out that he needed an appointment" literally did not happen; It was more a: "Good morning I would like to schedule an appointment with you, hours and more information please"; But believe me, my inner spirit was not seen as well as in the previous text.

-And there I was on a Thursday morning, dressed as casual as possible, disinterested in how I was dressed; that no longer interested me; my mother was up late, strange for her, but she felt happy since she was very worried due to the events that the unmentionable had caused me.

It seems that the cosmos is not on my side this morning, too much traffic, so much time to fill up the gas tank of my truck! - Oh! The oil is almost empty; that goes sir! I have an important date with the magician of broken hearts and unknowing human beings, I don't have time for this; That's right, it is the first thing that crossed my mind and is that something that I can not hide when something goes wrong, it looks on my face in anger, I am like an angry chick, ay! Poor my mother.

"We have arrived 5 minutes late."

tolerable for me; Because punctuality is a symbol of good education for me.

-Now I am in the domain of the "Ogolocisp" I have been with several since I was little but this one felt that it was different, as if they had evolved; He told me to enter his rooms, I really felt like I was in court, I felt small, I sat on a bench in the back of the room and the powerful "Ogolocisp" took out a notepad and his glasses for which he did not I could see his gaze; and it is there where the magic began… Each and every detail came out of my mouth, which you have previously read dear readers, while tears ran down my cheeks and I hugged myself that weak and tired body of so much pain and damage caused by the unmentionable. There I was opening myself for the second time to the “Ogolocisp” telling him every detail of how I felt and of everything that had happened and was happening, without any fear of being hurt again, and without any guilt. After an hour, "Ogolocisp" has spoken after listening carefully and taking many notes, perhaps it is his holy book where magic happens not to lose; But what I do know is that he paid attention to each of the details, no matter how minimal they were, and I felt confident, and that is that when a being manages to gain the trust of a girl from the moon, everything is possible. From his mouth of "Ogolocisp" phrases began to come out of which I was attentive and mentally taking note although we all know that he would forget them ...

"Weeks of" Ogolocisp "

-And it is there that you realize that you are not alone and that you never were, and as such a phoenix is reborn from the ashes and you realize that nothing, nothing that the unmentionable told you is true.

-Take out an internal force to contact the unmentionable again and this time it would be through a video call, I needed to confront him after several months of avoiding him and avoiding his threats and defamation without foundation, and it is there; When I express my pain and feeling, that's where I say goodbye and I promise myself never to write to him again or fall into his game that his hate messages affect me. It is there where I decide to put an end to that weight that would not let me advance.

Are you wondering if it works?

-It worked for me; I needed to have to confront him in one way or another and put an end to his fantasy stories which he still believed that I was still in the first world, that calmed him down; and although to date, false Twitter accounts continue to be created and emails sent to me; it's easier for me to delete and block; what to read and create.


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