The beginning of everything. Part 1.

"Then something is activated,
and from that moment nothing does the same again ”

-June 2018 is my birthday anniversary again, it has been a year of learning and adventure, again in the country of the first world, this year will be unforgettable !.

Maybe I was wrong to believe it could happen to me; and is that in the place where you least expect, you can find someone who can change your life, and that is where I must warn you pay attention! .

"When you are young you want to try new experiences and that is where you make many mistakes, mistakes that you can regret all your life."

“We have had the First contact, my instinct has told me not to answer, ignore it something does not go well with it; however you have insisted on having an appointment and getting to know us, I have seen your photo you look different ... the day has arrived we have seen each other, you are not the person with whom I would go out; However, how can I tell you in the most polite way that you do not interest me?

Here is my biggest mistake. We have been going out, traveling, discovering the world each one has problems, I have already noticed that; A thousand times I have told you that I am not ready and I am not looking for a relationship; that if we could be something it would be just "Sex Friends" and you have accepted, I don't know how we got here; but I have enjoyed every moment and learning, I have also noticed that we have nothing in common, that when I tell you about my problems you listen to me; but it is not as if they interested you, however your advice was not what I wanted to listen to, you always gave me by my side, consenting, pampering me, and every day was more and more ... I was always clear that you did not need to do it because I would know that in the future you would hurt me with it.

And this is where I start to make excuses to get away from my life because it begins to affect me, I feel that you become more and more possessive. You have fallen in love, it is not your fault; Although they say that in feelings we do not rule, you have fallen in love with the purest form in which a man can do it; you like MY way of being and the way I think about life; but you have confused those feelings with obsession.

Today I have told you that my phone no longer works, after a month that neither my laptop and it seems that you have not seen the signs that I want to cut off all communication with you in the most peaceful way so as not to hurt those feelings, in my failed attempts I have not achieved, it seems that you have the answer to all those problems, buying me an IPhone, replacing me the Laptop, they have been gifts that according to your Christmas and Birthday, how naive I was, well not so much I have told you that they are not necessary but my words will they have been valid and you have not listened to me; but I already felt prepared so that in the future… you hurt me with them; it is like a sixth sense that we beings of the Moon have.

It has been 8 months, maybe 9 months, I do not remember well from now on and it is that my mind seems to have been blocked, so as not to remember that dark past.

Three months before I return to the Planet of Reality, Mexico, my mind, my body and space are gradually weakening, but my spirit tells me it is time to end this ordeal, and at this moment I announce that I am going To leave this beautiful country, I begin to talk to you about everything negative, involving beings that I love, I confess to you things that I thought you would keep secret, because perhaps I believed that I could trust you; but it was not like that; I have spent my last week with you one more mistake ... which I do not regret, because I just wanted you to have a good image of me before leaving, and that despite being away we could be good friends but it was not so; and it is here where your cruellest forms of human being begins to come out.

"There was never trust, that remains clear to me"

-Before traveling I say goodbye to the "Sogima" friends backwards for those who have not read the first part of the story "catharsis" and here I forget everything before leaving ... and when I say everything, it is like canceling my line of Telephone, my bank account, etc. And this is important because from there you took advantage to hurt me and start making stories, stories that hurt me like never before.

"I have shed enough tears all this time, they have learned that crying doesn't solve anything" but it makes you feel better.

August 2019 I am finally on the longest flight of my life, I feel lost, I feel destroyed, I have not stopped crying, I have not stopped thinking that I did wrong, to deserve so much pain, I only count the hours to reach the planet of truth and receive a hug from my "Ailimaf" family backwards I need to charge myself with energy, in episode 2 of the "Girl of the Moon" I have told you that this is the purest way of giving energy to the beings of the moon with just a hug,

"I haven't received one in a long time."

They have all worried about me, they are all happy that I am back home, only I do not, I do not feel alive, I do not feel I, several weeks have passed ...
The only thing that I remember and that comes to my mind are your messages in which you bring out the most horrible part of you as a human being, if you can classify yourself as one.

To be continue...

xoxo. A.Z

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