Chap.4 "Nothing changes, if nothing changes"

"This year I met the most broken version of me, but also the strongest."

-Dear Alexis, more than 20 years have passed and I still haven't learned to know you better; but you know? From this moment I will begin to do it, I will begin to know you better, sincerely your inner Self.

- “I am about to go to bed to sleep, I have edited some videos, I have seen my favorite series, I have read again those chapters that I like so much, of those magic books, full of teachings and wisdom, of magical stories that surround you and they make you reflect ”.

Everything begins to change, everything gradually returns to normal; as if a hurricane had passed and after having destroyed everything and left solitude, sadness and emptiness; now calm and peace return to this heart. But for that I had to change; It may sound sad, maybe unimaginable, but you have to realize it, so that things happen and can change, because ...

"Nothing changes, if nothing changes."

-I have put on the airpods, my sports clothes and I have gone for a walk, to burn those endorphins, and while listening to a meditation song I have started crying, I asked myself why? I looked ahead and there was that big green garden with big trees, the sunlight was beautiful rare in winter, and a beautiful landscape of calm of peace, and the wind blew again caressing my cheek as if to say:

“Calm everything has passed, everything is over, it is time to move on, you have already learned your lesson”

-And then I cried, I cried like never before, I realized that everything was over, I cried for the first time with happiness.

"I felt, myself again"

I know that you have also been through the same thing, I know that it is not easy to get ahead, I know that it hurts, and it hurts a lot, you have also asked yourself a thousand times, why me?

The answer is simple, because you are a wonderful being, because your internal and external beauty radiates and surprises those beings without light, without peace, to those broken and unknown beings; It is NOT YOU they are, but you learn, and life is about learning, and it is not easy, nothing in life is easy, and at this point you will tell me:

“Alexis, life I know is not easy; but because he is mad at me, because he is mad that I learn in this way so hard and cruel, so sad, so painful "

-I have the Answer: because you really are "Very Strong"; but you don't know, it has to show you life in this way so that you know and never forget how strong you are, and when you forget life, it will see to it that you learn again and so on and on until you get up With more strength, without pain, without regret and without doubts, you may cry; but this time it will be of joy.

And you will realize why you will gradually continue making your life, without looking back ...

I love you and never forget how strong you are and the wonderful being of Luz. Do not lose your essence or your energy that make you unique.


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