Chap. 3 Moon Girl

- "By the power of the Moon prism"

Yes, have you ever been told or told that you come from another planet; consider well that you can be true, perhaps you are part of the Lunar planet.

-Singular way of smiling, that subtle way of making yourself known to the world with a simple smile; It is the best letter of introduction of the beings of the moon, and it is that it is not a pretended smile; it's like a sign of I'm wrong; however I want you to be well, it is an aroma of delicacy and tenderness ... it is our most subtle weapon that we have, but at the same time the one that can get us the most trouble.

"You cry for everything" -perhaps the beings of the moon have this gift of empathy and it is that we are moved by everything, you are the sea of tears of sea foam when someone hurts a loved one like those little beings called " dogs or cats"; perhaps the world's injustice towards minorities such as “when someone uses their power to undermine a person with a disability or when they hurt an elderly person; Yes, that is how we are "the beings of the moon" we are moved by the injustice of the planet "Earth" and we feel outside it and for that there is an explanation of why ... that I will talk to you about later.

However I have seen a movie "Me, Before You" ... Well several "3MSC", "Diary of a Passion", "Under the same star", "when i look at you" etc. and believe me I have cried them like no one else, maybe I have identified myself and your equal ... is it normal?

"Hugs" - there is no more powerful recharge than hugs, we don't like kisses on the mouth; perhaps because they do not have the same effect that they have on the beings of the earth; but in us hugs are like a cloak of "everything will be fine", "Don't worry", "courage, here I am for you" etc. It is a discharge of positivity and believe me it is the best that the beings of the earth can offer us.

"Kisses on the forehead", nothing like a kiss on the forehead, is the simplest kiss but perhaps the one that teleports us to a moment of exemplary and magical catharsis.

And these are just some of the many positive and negative qualities that "the beings of the moon" can possess, but it sure intrigues you especially about me and the previous story. Don't worry, we have to learn about patience ...


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